You know when you’re craving all the flavours but minimal cooking time? Like you want to be sat down eating within 15 minutes while also avoiding the dreaded carb-coma? These perfectly fit that brief. They are crunchy, zingy, a little bit spicy, filling and just SO delicious (also I’m not one for calories but these MUST be low cal, surely?).

**this recipe requires a 5 min prep the night before for maximum tofu flavour**


tofu marinade:

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp mirin

2 tbsp rice wine vinegar

juice of 1 lime

lettuce wraps:

1 romaine lettuce / a lettuce with big wrap like leaves

1 pack of silken tofu

1 box of mushrooms (button, shiitake, etc), sliced

soy sauce

juice of 1 lime

1 red chilli, sliced

2 spring onions (scallions), sliced at an angle

1 avocado, chopped into pieces

1 thumb size of fresh ginger, sliced into thin matchsticks

1 bunch of coriander (cilantro), torn

1-2 tsp of black sesame seeds



Make your marinade in a bowl. Drain your silken tofu and cut into cubes and add the cubed tofu to your bowl. Cover and refrigerate over night.

the next day: slice up your mushrooms and add to a heated, oiled frying pan (coconut oil is perfect for this recipe). Fry the mushrooms until golden brown and then pour in a dash of soy sauce and juice of half a lime. Take off the heat and set aside.

In the same pan add your marinated silken tofu, pour in everything. The marinade will boil off and leave the tofu to crisp up. Once cooked take off the heat and set aside.

Prep your salad leaves. Slice all your veggies up. Lay out a big leaf and heap on mushrooms, tofu, chillies, avocado, spring onions, herbs, sesame seeds etc. and drizzle with a bit of sriracha sauce if you have it – it’s a game changer. Dig in!



  1. This dish looks like a great light, fresh meal for warmer days. Do you have any tips to keep the tofu from sticking to the pan? I love tofu but I can’t get it to crisp up – it just sticks to the pan and makes a mess! 😦


    • silken tofu is so crumbly! I just let the marinade boil off and then gently turned them over with a wooden spoon. Basically minimal turning and not too high a heat to prevent them from burning! Hope it works 🙂 let me know how you get on. E x


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