Promenthoux Plage – Prangins

One of my favourite spots along Lake Geneva is one not many people know about.

If you know the area, you’ll know that Nyon Plage and Geneve Plage are the popular go-to places to spend a sunny afternoon soaking up the rays, before cooling off in the lake.

Often crowded, especially over school holidays, unless you arrive at 10am you’ll struggle to find a space. That’s why this place is such a hidden gem.


Promenthoux Plage is tucked between Nyon and Gland on the Lake Road (who’d of thought it!) It’s a glorious little haven of grassy banks, a small stretch of sandy beach (almost unheard of on Lake Geneva), a floating raft and a little bistro which offers up simple food, drinks and ice-cream.

We got there early for espressos and a swim. At this time of the year – especially if Switzerland has had a baking summer like they have this summer, the lake is beautifully warm, and a swim out to the raft is the perfect way to start your morning.

IMG_5578 IMG_5579IMG_5580IMG_5581

After a lazy morning of reading, swimming and baking in the sun – we headed over to the bistro for a lunch of salad and rosé wine.

IMG_5583 IMG_5584 IMG_5587IMG_5572

Post lunch we retreated up the mountain to the cool of our chalet for an afternoon nap and a sunset supper.


I never get tired of this view!


I stopped back at Promenthoux on my final afternoon in Switzerland with ST for one last dip in the lake and the famous local fish dish – Filets de Perches.

Soft, buttery fish doused in lemon juice and parsley with a tartar sauce and a side of french fries. A must have if you’re in the region.

Saying goodbye to beautiful Switzerland gets harder every time!


Promise me you’ll pay this place a visit.

Swiss mountain adventuring post to follow this one!


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