A weekend in Rome: Saturday strolling & scoffing

Day 2 in Rome was very snap happy, so get your scrolling finger ready…

We woke up early, showered,  quickly ate some breakfast and then stepped out into the warm morning sun. IMG_2952IMG_2954We’d booked the Ancient Rome and Colosseum Half-Day Walking Tour through Lonely Planet & Viator. I would definitely recommend booking this tour or something similar if you want to enjoy the big landmarks but hate a queue. We were in a small group of around 20 of us, with a personal tour guide who knew EVERYTHING there is to know about Ancient Rome.IMG_2955IMG_2957We met our small group around 9:30am outside the Colosseum, after introductions and being kitted out with personal speakers to hear our guide, we were rushed down to the entrance and breezed past the already huge line of people.IMG_2958We ambled around the first and second tiers, learning about gladiators, emperors, and the shows this colossal building used to host. We were totally blown away by the sheer size of it – it’s a breathtaking place. IMG_2960Every archway you peer through has another piece of history on the other side waiting to be discovered…IMG_2969IMG_2964IMG_2973We strolled out of the Colosseum and on to the Roman Forum. From here you can stand amongst the ruins of some of the most important buildings of Ancient Rome. IMG_2984IMG_2985IMG_2986We walked up the Palatine Hill, which is the centre-most of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient parts of the city. According to Roman mythology, the Palatine Hill was the location of the cave where Romulus and Remus were found by the she-wolf Lupa that kept them alive. IMG_2988Walking up the hill, you will wander through the Farnese Gardens, which were created in 1550 on by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. They were the first private botanical gardens in Europe.IMG_2989IMG_2990IMG_2991IMG_2992After a history packed 3hour tour, we were ready for some lunch.IMG_2994 We walked down to the River Tiber, and took a lovely sun dappled walk across the river to Trastevere. This area of Rome had been recommended by everyone we’d asked. Dubbed the Shoreditch of Rome, we were excited to find a lunchtime spot and rest our legs – we did a lot of walking! IMG_2996IMG_3005The small winding streets hide frescos, restaurants, bars and market stalls round every corner. It’s a city explorers paradise. IMG_3007IMG_3013We settled for Da Otello, a busy little restaurant on Via della Pellicci. IMG_3033Unfortunately the main courses we chose weren’t brilliant. However, €15 will get you a bottle of  Prosecco, perfectly accompanied with a cheesy, prosciutto baked bread. I would definitely pop back for an afternoon snack and a glass of fizz. IMG_3014  IMG_3032IMG_3031  Post lunch we went in search of Piazza di Santa Maria, which boasts a handful of sunbathed cafés – the perfect spot to people watch while catching some rays. IMG_3038IMG_3041R’s friend Chanya also happened to be in Rome for the weekend with some girlfriends, so we all met up and celebrated with more Prosecco… When in Rome (had to be done). IMG_3045IMG_3047         IMG_3060       After an overindulgent day, pizza called. I had been recommended Da Poeta in Trastevere by a friend, and being so close we decided to trial it. Google map it to find it, as it’s tucked away down a little side street called Vicolo del Bologna. IMG_3004IMG_3002You can’t book a table, you have to queue to put your name on the list. Trust me it is well worth the wait. Hands down the best pizza I have ever eaten. These photos do not do it justice. We were all starving and it all disappeared before I could snap them. Here are a few blurry pics of my margherita. If you do one thing when you’re in Rome please go to Da Poeta. IMG_3079  IMG_3078

A fantastic way to end a beautiful Saturday in my new favourite city.

More adventures tomorrow…


7 comments on “A weekend in Rome: Saturday strolling & scoffing

  1. I went last September and completely fell in love with Trastevere! Dreamy. Deffffinitely want to go back and also pizza for breakfast and gelato for lunch is totally acceptable in Rome

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